Company information

Establishment: Since 1952


TAX ID:0105547008850


We aim to be the leader in industrial machinery in Thailand and step forward to international level together with developing the everlasting advancement.


1. Being the leader in industrial machinery

2. Managing with corporate governance 3. Elevating to the international level 4. Continuously improving in human resources excellence, tasks excellence and organization excellence, thus bringing the wealthy to organization economics.



After the Second World War in 1952, Thailand’s economy and state of society was led into the major restoration together with various business recoveries. According to that period of time, industrial machines and tools from the war participated countries were numerously remained in our country which led to the beginning of our company. YONG HONG MACHINERY Limited Partnership was established for seeking quality machines to accommodate the needs of the industry. As the economy was revived, which led to the growth in industrial sector’s business, YONG HONG MACHINERY Limited Partnership had received acknowledgement and acceptance from numerous customers. With experience and expertise accumulated from certain period of time, we developed from distributing used machines to importing and distributing new machines from overseas as one of the initial pioneers which were not extensive as present. We have been travelling to many countries for exploring the best quality machines because we believe that machines are the power in developing and the important underlying basis of all systems.


After 2000, we developed from Limited Partnership to the establishment of the company as named as YONG HONG ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. By stepping up from just a distributor and importer, we landed into the company with full ranges of industrial machinery service, with teams of skilled engineers and with experts in after-sales service including the installation service and maintenance for supporting the domestic industry.

Further development

In 2004, YONG HONG ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. had gained more trust and acceptance from customers caused the establishment of YONG HONG (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. for accommodating more intricate and high tech products. This establishment resulted in the segmentation in product categories which provided the customers more expertise in each category. There are specialized engineers giving an advice on product purchasing specification. There are teams of technicians and mechanics for servicing. Nevertheless, the transportation development, by increasing the amount of delivery trucks as well as the sales offices and warehouses, aids to provide fast and covered delivery area.

Endless development

YONG HONG ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. and YONG HONG (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. remain committed to the continuous development by expanding to ASEAN level and stepping towards manufacturer; including full range exporting the quality and the best service for our beloved customer.

BUSINESS: Industrial machine importer and distributor together with after-sales services.